Every day, I continue to meet a large number of sports officials who simply do not understand how to manage the finance side of their officiating career.  Officials tend to be hard workers that keep their nose in their rule book and their mind on the field, but often times are uncomfortable managing the "business" aspects of officiating...hence why I started this practice.  Zebra Books was created to ensure that all officials have someone that has always got their back (financially) everywhere they go. 

I have worked full time at CPA firms for almost 10 years, and have been officiating sports for about 15 years.  I've prepared tax returns, maintained company books/accounting records, and provided many other professional services for individuals/corporations of all sizes and structures.  I have officiated five sports (football, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball) at the high school level and currently work Division II and III collegiate football.  In addition to taking care of officials' financial needs, I also currently co-lead a Cincinnati area study group for NCAA football rules and mechanics.

I love officiating and I love helping officials!  Use Zebra Books to help ensure you are ready to go for the upcoming season.


zebra programS

Here at Zebra Books, we do a little bit of everything. With multiple options and different bookkeeping plans (based mainly on what level you officiate), we can absolutely customize a Zebra Program for you.  Our goal is to streamline your officiating season so that all you have to worry about is being excellent every time the first whistle blows.



"My officiating bookkeeping was a mess.  Had I done my own accounting and taxes this year, I would've inadvertently written a check to the IRS when I should've actually received a refund!  Thanks to Zebra Books, my officiating accounts have been corrected and I'm ready to move into 2020 with confidence!"


December 27, 2019

“Unfortunately, I was behind many years on my federal and state tax return filings. I had no idea how to approach the situation, but after a phone call with Zebra Books, I felt way more comfortable with the tasks at hand. David prepared nine years’ of tax returns for me, including all officiating activity, and walked me through the process the whole time. I am glad to finally be caught up with the government, and I look forward to using Zebra Books’ tax preparation and bookkeeping services going forward to ensure compliance.”


January 13, 2020

“I needed a resume prepared for my application to a prestigious collegiate football officiating clinic. I approached Zebra Books with a few bullet points of my three-year career so far, and within a matter of days, I had an elaborate, professional document provided to me. The fast and friendly service was much appreciated; I highly recommend David’s services to anyone who needs to apply to clinics or conferences.”


January 14, 2020

david sheldon


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